Friends With BeneFITZ

Need some extra cash? Fitz in the Morning wants to help! If you've got a "Friend With BeneFITZ" then you're in luck. For the next 3 weeks, Fitz is giving away up to $1000 every morning to a lucky Fitz listener and one of their closest friends! Here's how to play:

Fill out the form below for yourself and up to 5 your friends (or a family member).

Each weekday morning at 7:10am, we'll call out one name of a Fitz listener that signed up and one of their friend's name.

Then you and your friend both have 10 minutes to call Fitz at 855-520-FITZ (3489). If you call back within 10 minutes you'll win $500 and if your friend calls back within 10 minutes they'll win $500.

Be sure to read The official Friends with BeneFITZ Contest Rules


Fill out up to five of your friends information below, your friends must be 18 years or older and a legal residence of WA or OR.

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